Women’s pants - an absolute must have!

Currently, it’s difficult for us to imagine our wardrobe without women’s pants. Decades ago, the wearing of pants by women caused a real moral revolution, but today we freely wear pants every day, to work, at important meeting and during sports. Contemporary women’s pants are probably the most practical and comfotable item of clothing, which is also fashionable and looks good on the female figure. Let’s face it, women’s pants and shorts are a serious competition for dresses and skirts.

Women’s pants, which are available in a huge number of cuts, styles and colors, are put on not only when we want to feel feminine, because nothing will emphasize and display the figures as perfectly as well-matched women’s figures pants.

Elegant women’s trousers, casual trousers, fabric trousers and jeans, trousers for summer and winter, cigarillos, chinos, slim trousers and wide trousers, hip trousers and high waist trousers, leggings and comfortable sweatpants, suit trousers and linen trousers, plain-colored pants and patterned pants, long pants and shorts… Do you have any doubts that each of us needs at least a few pairs of pants in our wardrobe?

We recommend that you look around our website O!Glamour, whose range of women’s pants and shorts is expanding from month to month!

Women’s pants for every occasion

Considering the multitude of different styles of women’s pants, there is probably no occasion that would not suit pants, especially since the phrase „because it doesn’t fall out” has been eliminated from the fashion dictionary… To choose the right cut.

On a daily basis, while performing ordinary duties, comfortable, practical pants made of not too stiff fabric will be the best. Among the trousers intended for everyday occasions, jeans are indisputably dominant. DEnim jeans were designed and sewn in the 19th century for American miners and farmers in mind, but today you can find them everywhere. Womens’s denim jeans are a river theme, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, always in style! It’s fair to say that all women around the world, regardless of age, love jeans! Where did this phenomenon came from? Jeans are universal, they will adapt to any body type and occasion and fit literally with everything! Classic jeans love both casual t0shirts and elegant shirts, they will perfectly match both with a jacket and with a hoodie. They are available in many different style and colors, although the favorite and most characteristic shade is indigo. Thanks to the various styles, you can easily choose your favorite model.

We recommend elegant fabric trousers for work. For such pants, just choose a top and jacket, shirt, interesting scarf of necklace and the outfit is ready! Cigarillos or chinos are very graceful cut. A shorter leg will emphasize shapely ankles, slender the figure and add lightness to is and, most importantly, make you look professional and elegant.

In summer, we love women’s trousers that are more casual, made of lighter fabrics and colorful. Summer pants are airy, allow the skin to breathe, and summer inclines more to a little madness in the selection of colors and patterns. Therefore, on warm sunny days, we prefer women’s trousers made of, for example, linen and more patterned.

If you are a fan of comfortable, streetwear looks, we recommend thet you buy sweatpants, leggings, joggers or classic pants made of cotton. Such pants work great not only at home and at the gym, but also during a trip with a friend or while shopping!

How to choose women’s pants to suit your body type?

For starters, let’s assume that there is no such thing as a good or bad silhouette. Each of us has a different body type, and the essence of the problem is to choose the most flattering cut for it. Perfect pants should emphasize what we like the most about ourselves, while hiding flaws and shortcomings.

For the shorter of you, we recommend high-waisted pants that will visually lengthen your legs. Shapely legs will look great in skinny pants or trousers with straight legs. It’s worth choosing higher-heeled shoes with such pants. If you’re tall, put on cigarillos - they will match perfectly with high heels, as well as with sandals or ballerinas.

On the other hand, if you think that your legs aren’t your strongest side, it’s worth avoiding slim pants, but also culotte pants, i.e. pants with very wide legs with a length of 3/4. On a silhouette with more massive calves and thighs, straight-leg pants or flare pants, i.e. old bells, which, after years of fashion exile, return to the game with triumph, millwork best. Avoid also jeans with abrasions, holes or applications, because they unnecessarily attract attention and additionally broaden the legs optically.

If you have wider hips, it’s better to avoid the so-called hipsters that can make you look even wider. You will look better in trousers with higher waist and, preferably, with a straight leg, so that the imbalance between the hips and ankles is perfect. Remember that the tubes will only emphasize prominent hips!

Similarly, in the case of a protruding belly and „sides”, pants with high waist will surely help. If you’re bit too much around the waist and hips, but you have sli, and long legs - wear a tunic or oversized shirt on top - and we guarantee that you will look amazing!
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