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Dear Customer!
We care about your privacy, so we want you to feel comfortable while browsing our page. 
That's why you'll find all the most important infos about how we use your personal data and cookies below.
All these informations were prepared with RODO legal documents about personal data protection. PERSONAL DATA ADMINISTRATOR Oriente s.c. Katarzyna Rybak, Magdalena Mroczek, Marta Kossowicz ul. Szwedzka 52/6, 30-315 Kraków, Poland REGON: 120613570, email: runned by: Magdalena Mroczek with business under the name: MAGDALENA MROCZEK ORIENTE, REGON: 122693632 Marta Kossowicz-Reroń with business under the name: MARTA KOSSOWICZ-REROŃ ORIENTE, REGON: 122691290 Katarzyna Rybak with business under the name: RYBAK KATARZYNA ORIENTE, REGON: 852526389 PERSONAL DATA AND PRIVACY If you're willing to register and use our services, you will be asked to give us your personal data. Your data will be processed only in cases that are needed to run the shop and provide services ("Service"). The purpose of processing: Depending on what you decide, it can be: - providing services avalible at the shop - your orders fullfillment - direct marketing other than newsletter - sending newsletter The basis for data processing: - Services Agreement (article 6, paragraph 1, letter b RODO) - Sales Agreement (article 6, paragraph 1, letter b RODO) - legal obligation, for example one related to accounting (article 6, paragraph 1, letter c RODO) - your agreement expressed in the shop (article 6, paragraph 1, letter a RODO) - our legal right to process data in order to determinate, investigate or defence possible claims
(article 6, paragraph 1, letter f RODO) - giving data: • voluntary but in some cases with an agreement The effect of not giving data Depending on the purpose of giving data: - impossibility to register in the shop - impossibility to use shop services - impossibility to complete the order in the shop - impossibility to get infos about sales and special offers in the shop Possibility to withdraw the consent - at any given moment Data processing is legal until you withdraw the consent. PROCESSING PERIOD Your data will be processed only in period of time in which we have legal rights to do so and that means: - until we have a legal obligation to process your data or there won't be any possibility to redress connection with
agreement between the shop and customer or when you withdraw the consent if the agreement was the reason to process - depending on what was used in a considered case and what will happen next SAFETY OF YOUR DATA While processing your data we use organizational measures accordanced with the right law provisions, we also use encrypted
connections with SSL certificate. YOUR PERMISSIONS You have a right to: - access your private data - correct your data - errase your data - limit your data's processing - request to move your data to other administrator You also have a right to: - having objection at any time about processing your data because: • you have a special situation due to processing your private data (article 6, paragraph 1, letter f RODO - reasonable interests
realized by the administrator) • if the data is processed due to direct marketing purposes, to stop it only in the direct marketing case Contact us if you wish to use your rights. If you consider that we process your data against the law, you can contact law organs. COOKIES Our shop (as most of the shops) use cookie files. These files: - are saved in the memory of your device ( computer, mobile phone, etc.) - they let you use all of the shop functions - they don't change your device's settings If you wish to, you can: - errase cookies - block using cookie files in the future We use cookies to: - save infos from your session - get statistics - marketing purpose - give avalibility to use shop If you want to know how to manage cookie files and turn off their service on your browser, you can check it in help file on your
browser. To get all the information, push F1 button on your browser. You'll get more tips depending on what browser you use: - Firefox - Chrome - Safari - Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge If you won't turn off using cookie files in settings of your browser, it means that you agree on using them. You'll find more about cookies in Wikipedia. EXTERNAL SERVICES / DATA RECIPIENTS We use services of external subjects, to which we send data. The list of subjects: - parcels delivery subject - payment subject • Blue Media - people working with us according to civil law agreement, who are supporting our work - software supplier which is needed to properly run our online shop - hosting supplier - subject delivering mailling system - accountant responsible for all our accountancy - subject responsible for optimalisation of the shop - subject responsible for marketing services - subject responsible for technical support - right public organs in range that we are administratolly obligated to share data with CONTACT Would you like to use your rights about sharing your personal data? Or maybe you'd like to ask us something about our Privacy Policy? Write us an email:
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