White t-shirt a timeless piece of clothing!

In every field, we will find timeless and universal elements that will never change or become outdated. Also in fashion, which, as you know, passes quickly, sometimes even to great relief, but there are things that can be worn for ages without any remorse.

High quality classic clothing is a really good investment. Each of us has certainly noticed a list of timeless things that are worth having in your wardrobe and that will serve more than one season in fashion magazines or on the Internet. Each list is different but they all contain several iron points, which include, among others:
- black elegant pants
- a pencil skirt
- a white shirt
- a white t-shirt.
Yes, plain, modest, simple and inconspicuous white t-shirt.
History of the t-shirt
The t-shirt began its history many years ago as an element of men’s clothing, specifically underwear, never shown to the world. The alternative name of the t-shirt, which is something that hides under the shirt. In the early twentieth century, no one imagined going out in the street wearing only a t-shirt, as it would cause a local moral scandal. Only manual workers and marines allowed themselves to parade in t-shirts alone. Thanks to these gentlemen, the world was slowly getting used to the sight of the t-shirt. 
In 1948, the t-shirt became an element of the election campaign of the candidate for US President, Thomas Dewey - it was the first time that the t-shirt appeared in a non-uniform version and became a content carrier, because it was marked with election slogans encouraging citizens to vote for this candidate.
In 1950s, the t-shirt hit the streets of cities, towns and villages around the world straight from the silver screen. The first plain t-shirts were wron by the most famous actors of that decade, Marlon Brando and James Dean. The t-shirt instatnly became a symbol of rebellion and freedom. 
Among women, one of the precursors of the feminine version of the t-shirt is Jean Seberg, who in the famous movie ‚Breathless’ worn a t-shirt with the logo of the New York Herald Tribune. For us women of the 21st century it is obvious that we have t-shirts in our wardrobes in bulk and in all colors the rainbow, but in 1960 it was a small revolution.
Today, we can confidently say that the history of the 20th and 21st centuries is written on t-shirts. The t-shirt quickly became a medium of pacifist slogans, political changes, sexual revolution, as well as a kind of manifestation of views, beliefs, passions, likes and even moods. 
We are extremely curious if among our readers there will be at least one who has never been a happy owner of a t-shirt with the logo of a beloved music band, the image of a film hero or an inscription or graphics shedding light on her/his character and interests?
The t-shirt mae a stunning career. It’s the most popular part of men’s and women’s wardrobe, mainly due to its comfort and functionality. The t-shirt also has another minor success on its account - it’s the first garment to abolish gender boundaries. The same t-shirt has been worn by both men and women for almost 60 years.
What’s so special about a white t-shirt?
First of all, its actual universality, i.e. multi functionality, plasticity, resistance to passing trends and time. Moreover, it’s suitable for almost any situation. Always needed, always on the subject.
A classic white t-shirt is like a canvas for a painter - it’s a canvas on which a work is created, the boundaries of which are only limited by the imagination. The basic t-shirt offers endless styling possibilities. In aa good quality white t-shirt you can go though the four seasons, from morning to evening, because depending on the selected other items of clothing, the t-shirt will take on a different character. It will be elegant in combination with classic trousers or a pencil skirt, casual in the company of jeans or sporty in combination with leggings or tracksuit. In addition, there is no fear of overloading - a white t-shirt will be the perfect background for other, more expressive elements.
The O!Glamour brand meets the needs of modern and fashion-loving women by creating the basic line based on simple, classic constructions, made of carefully selected high-quality materials. The icing on the cake of this collection is a white LEA t-shirt, made of perfect 100% cotton, which is characterized by natural breathability, etraordinar comfort, flexibility and looks fresh even after repeated washing.
This t-shirt will accompany our customers for a long time and will allow them to play with fashion and trends in accordance with their preferences and mood.
Because although fashion changes from season to season, high quality remains timeless!
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