Do you know the book „Be Parisian Wherever You Are” by four friends - a model, writer, journalist and film producer, who reveal the secrets of Parisian style and chic? If you dream of becoming a Parisian, this is a must read for you! Today we will suggest a few rules and tricks of French girls in terms of fashion.


The French style of being and dressing has fascinated us invariably for many decades, which is why in O!Glamour collections from time to time we smuggle models of clothes inspired by how French women dress every day and on holidays. In line with our maxim, our collections include models that best fit the concepts of „classic elegance” and „minimalism”, but we believe that each of you will find something for yourself in O!Glamour.


Today we will present you models of clothes inspired by the style of not only Parisians but all French women.


The most important element of the wardrobe of any French fashionista is the dress. Our collection includes as many as three dresses inspired by the style from Seine area. These are the models: KIMBERLY, CORNELIA and MAGALI.


Kimberly’s wrap-around dress is thoroughly French, a cut from the „visit a Provencal manor” category. Wrap dresses are a guest in the wardrobe of every self-respecting French woman and are worn not only in summer with sandals and straw hat, visiting favorite restaurants or spending time on picnics with friends. French women wear envelope dresses in the city and in the countryside, at the weekend and to work; both in summer and spring, as well as in the fall and winter months. During the warm season, an envelope dress requires few accessories - light shoes, a stylish hat, feminine and discreet jewelry, but what about the cold season? It’s simple - Parisian women combine them with thick cashmere or wool tights, mohair, long cardigan and leather flat-heeled ankle boots.


In this way, it turns out that the airy dress, which is intended - at first glance - only for summer days, can successfully serve us all year round.



Another dress in the French style is a dress typical for the colder months - the CORNELIA model. This trapezoidal knee-length dress is designed to slim our figure and make the outfit both feminine and perfectly suited to the office style. This cut of the dress is something perfect for French women who love the simplicity of their outfit, because it doesn’t require many accessories, and is already a characteristic element of the wardrobe, thanks to the frill at the bottom of the dress and frills on the sleeves. The CORNELIA trapezoidal dress in a dark, subdued color will look great with a simple necklace, small earrings, for example with a pearl, and simple ankle boots or high heels.




The third French-style dress we have in our offer is the MAGALI midi dress with a kimono neckline. It’s inspired by a typeface that was born just after the war. Half-calf length ensured freedom of movement, pockets hidden on the sides of the dress give it nonchalance, and the V-neckline provided a feminine claw and slender upper body. A dress of this type was worn a few decades ago in combination with a beautiful toque hat, a short jacket or jacket that ends at the waist and with slippers on a small post. To this day, such look is the essence of Parisian chic. Currently, however, we can wear it both with a jacket and with a biker jacket. French woman often combine this cut with sneakers or flat-soled ankle boots. And one thing is certain - no matter how French women style their calf-length dresses, each of them has at least one such dress in their wardrobe.



Since we have already discussed the dresses styles beloved by French women, there is one more characteristic of the French style that must be found in the wardrobe of every fashionista who loves French fashion - an envelope skirt. In us, this model is called KYLIE and available in three color options. 


How to style a wrap skirt to look great? In summer, the matter is extremely simple: match the skirt with a t-shirt made of good quality cotton, sneakers and shopper bag or basket. A bit of gold minimalist jewelry, lipstick in your favorite nude shade and you look perfect.


In the cold months it’s a bit more difficult, but not impossible. The basis remains the same: a skirt and a t-shirt, but when it comes to shoes, it’s worth wearing flat suede or leather ankle boots, an oversized cardigan or a tight-fitting cashmere turtleneck. Replace the basket with a leather shopper bag, and nude lipstick with red, and voila! The look is ready.



If you likes our post, we hope you will come back in a week for another dose of fun facts and tips about fashion, trends and clothes!


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