Fall is a very specific season of the year, which is called the transitional season for a reason. What does this mean in terms of our greatest interest, namely fashion? It simply means that you don’t know how to dress. And it’s not even that we open the wardrobe, and it blows with emptiness there, no matter how full it is, but we mean practical reasons. One day it’s warm, you still feel summer, and the next it’s cold and rainy, so you don’t want to stick your nose out of the house. And even a warm day is deceptive, because mornings and evenings are really cold, and the weather can be changeable and, if not dressed properly, we can only count on a cold. So how to dress in early autumn so that it’s optimal - not too hot, but also not too cold? In layers!



How to style a layered look?


Dressing in layers is primarily the domain of athletes and tourists. There should be at least three layers: a base layer that copes with moisture, a middle layer for insulation, and an outer layer that protects against the weather. However, we apply the principle of three layers even if we are neither an athlete nor a tourist, but an ordinary user of fashion exposed to changing weather conditions. When it comes to choosing colors, the rule is simple: neutral colors are white, gray and black, they remain outside the color palette and we can add and mix them almost freely. However, other colors should follow the rule: not more than free for an outfit. What does this mean in practice? When choosing a layered outfit, it would be good if you remember not to mix more than three colors at once, and the colors used remain in the same color family (e.g. intense reflective pink always looks bad with brown, but will go great with other reflective colors).



You will ask: What if there are five colors on the dress? Then the other layers and accessories should correspond to the colors of the dress, or if the print doesn’t contain any of the primary colors (white, black, gray), it can be added, for example, in the form of shoes and a handbag.



Layers and dresses - how to adjust to temperatures


Now that the colors are behind us, we can move on to the actual building of layers. The simplest layering is to wear a cotton t-shirt under a sweatshirt or sweater, and a jacket or coat over it, but this is a set so obvious that we won’t write about it. We’ll talk about layers when you want to put on a dress. 


If the dress has a neckline, it’s worth investing in a cotton or cashmere t-shirts with thin straps matching the color of the dress and wearing them underneath. In this way, we will keep the heat on ourselves, but during the day we will be able to get rid of the sweater or jacket, and then returning home in the evening, we will still not need a coat that is too heavy to carry in our hand in the middle of the day. Check out such looks, for example with our CAMILLE, PAULA or MAGALI dress.



If the dress has no cleavage, the matter is simpler. You can wear a comfortable cotton t-shirt under the dress (for example, our LEA model). It will perfectly help to keep warm and will be very comfortable. You can wear this t-shirt under such models of our dresses as LIVIA, CORNELIA or ISABELLA. On top of that, only a light jacket or a blazer is enough.



What if you prefer to add layers to your dress? You can go ahead and do it with our MAGALI or JASMINE dresses, for example. They look perfect in combination with a simple SIDNEY sweatshirt worn on top. RIO and BOSTON dresses match perfectly well with MILANO sweatshirts, because they’re made of the same fabric.


Layers and summer skirts


If you have any of our skirt models: KYLIE, ROSE or CHARLOTTE, you can choose them even in winter, because all of these models are great for layering. KYLIE skirts love flesh-colored tights, sneakers, long-sleeved blouses, bright sweaters and warm sweaters. The ROSE skirt gives us even more freedom, because it fits perfectly with thick tights and a heavy cardigan, it also loves warm light and dark sweatshirts, such as our OSLO, TORONTO and STOCKHOLM sweatshirts. For the CHARLOTTE midi skirt, we recommend both nude tights with the white skirt, and thicker black tights for caramel skirt. For this you can match the ATLANTA blouse and a warm cardigan. The LEA t-shirt and one of our cotton sweatshirts: OSLO, SIDNEY or STOCKHOLM will also look great with CHARLOTTE. 



Remember, fashion is extremely important, but health and comfort are even more important, so it’s worth playing with fashion and building multi-layered outfits so as to combine style with well-being and, above all, stay warm!


We’re waiting for your autumn layered looks with O!Glamour clothes! Send them to us by e-mail, we will be happy to publish the best ones along with your name on our instastories.


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