What is slow fashion? At the moment, when talking about fashion, we often talk about it in terms of slow fashion and fast fashion. How to distinguish one trend from another? In short, fast fashion is nothing but fast and mass fashion. This is a kind of fashion that doesn’t pay much attention to the quality of the fabric and sewing. It often steal designs from fashion houses and creates its collections based on theirs. The quality of fast fashion clothes is very low and this, of course, translates into a lw price of the finished product, which, unfortunately, is paid by people producing such clothes.


Slow fashion is the complete opposite of its cousin, which is fast fashion. Slow is really slow. Here, collections aren’t created within 1-2 weeks, as in the case of fast fashion. When it comes to words, everything must be well thought-out and at its highest possible quality from the beginning to end. Slow fashion can exist in the high category - and here we will meet only luxury goods that are made by hand. Fortunately, slow also exists in a more affordable version.



Slow fashion uses high-quality fabrics produced on the same continent, thanks to which the supply chain is shortened by several kilometers, and thus slow fashion brands don’t match the carbon footprint produced by the industry in a huge percentage. When it comes to fabric production in Europe, manufactories must meet the highest standards in terms of water treatment plants after dyeing fabrics and the generation of carbon pollution.


Once the fabric goes to the sewing room, we can be sure that the production will be sustainable, because no slow fashion brand produces large amounts of its products (in the slow fashion philosophy to dispose of unsold collections); However, we can often meet with sewing on a model, if it turns out to be a bestseller. Thanks to this action, the customer can be sure that the product he/she buys has been recently produced, so it doesn’t stick out and it will not spread to us.



Another important element of sewing in local sewing rooms, and not in Third World factories, is that employees of EU sewing factories are fairly paid, have employment contracts, the local community is activated to work, and unemployment is reduced. Unfortunately, the opposite is true in mass sewing rooms, where the use of employees, work without contracts and belt the statutory wage minimum is the order of the day. So if you choose slow fashion clothes instead of fast fashion ones, you contribute to fair remuneration of employees and you act in favor of fair treatment of employees at every stage of the production chain of clothes and accessories.


And what do you gain directly from buying slow fashion clothes? There are some very important arguments. First of all, quality. When you buy slow fashion clothes, you can be sure that the product will wear out very slowly and you will be able to enjoy if for much longer than one season. Thanks to this, you won’t generate more piles of rubbish lying in landfills, because you won’t throw away slow fashion clothes after a few months of use. Another important reason why you should buy slow fashion is the uniqueness of the products. Slow fashion products are sewn in a limited number of pieces, they’re never millions of copies of the same t-shirt, dress, etc.



Finally, it’s worth adding that slow fashion is mainly classic clothes, most often in a minimalist style. Thanks to this, the collections of a given brand or designer, such as O!Glamour collections, can be perfectly mixed with each other and this means that there is no chaos in our wardrobe and it’s easy for us to choose new looks.


As a Polish premium clothing brand, we operate in O!Glamour in the slow fashion trend from the very beginning. We want not only to meet all your expectations regarding the style and quality of clothes, but also to care for the environment around us. Our fabrics come from the territory of the European Union, and sewing fabrics are only several dozen kilometers away from us, thanks to which our supply chain has been shortened to an absolute minimum. The clothes that we swe for you are always handmade by our beloved ladies from the sewing room. We never exceed a certain number of pieces per model and color. Thanks to this, you can be sure that when you buy O!Glamour clothes, you will wear unique things and you won’t meet a lady wearing the same on the street.



How do you like the philosophy of slow fashion? Which slow fashion brands do you like? How do you perceive our O!Glamour brand, which is also slow fashion? We are waiting for your feedback!


























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