What is slow fashion? At the moment, when talking about fashion, we often talk about it in terms of slow fashion and fast fashion. How to distinguish one trend from another? In short, fast fashion is nothing but fast and mass fashion. This is a kind of fashion that doesn’t pay much attention to the quality of the fabric and sewing. It often steal designs from fashion houses and creates its collections based on theirs. The quality of fast fashion clothes is very low and this, of course, translates into a low price of the finished product, which, unfortunately, is paid by people producing such clothes. Slow fashion is the complete opposite of its cousin, which is fast fashion. Slow is really slow. Here, collections aren’t created within 1-2 weeks, as in the case of fast fashion. When it comes to words, everything must be well thought-out and at its highest possible quality from the beginning to end. Slow fashion can exist in the high category - and here we will meet only luxury goods that are made by hand. Fortunately, slow also exists in a more affordable version.

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Fall is a very specific season of the year, which is called the transitional season for a reason. What does this mean in terms of our greatest interest, namely fashion? It simply means that you don’t know how to dress. And it’s not even that we open the wardrobe, and it blows with emptiness there, no matter how full it is, but we mean practical reasons. One day it’s warm, you still feel summer, and the next it’s cold and rainy, so you don’t want to stick your nose out of the house. And even a warm day is deceptive, because mornings and evenings are really cold, and the weather can be changeable and, if not dressed properly, we can only count on a cold. So how to dress in early autumn so that it’s optimal - not too hot, but also not too cold? In layers!

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Fashion loves to draw inspiration from the surrounding nature and reflect what is happening outside the windows, and autumn is an extremely colorful and contrasted season. Autumn trees and flowers are a real feast of brown, beige, red and gold, emphasized by the ever-vivid greenery. The 2021/2022 season draws from the autumn color palette to the fullest, which is confirmed by the Pantone Color Institute.

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Do you know the book „Be Parisian Wherever You Are” by four friends - a model, writer, journalist and film producer, who reveal the secrets of Parisian style and chic? If you dream of becoming a Parisian, this is a must read for you! Today we will suggest a few rules and tricks of French girls in terms of fashion.

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The sweatshirt didn’t immediately storm the salons and it didn’t necessarily win the hearts of everyone, regardless age, sex or possession. It seems that its story didn’t start until the first half of the 20th century, but is the hoodie only 100 years old? Not! The sweatshirt is circa 3000 years old, and we will go back for a moment to the times when it was invented. 

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White t-shirt a timeless piece of clothing!

In every field, we will find timeless and universal elements that will never change or become outdated. Also in fashion, which, as you know, passes quickly, sometimes even to great relief, but there are things that can be worn for ages without any remorse.

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Burgundy is an extremely feminine color. It’s sensual and universal. It’s perfect for all hair colors. Burgundy dress is a good option for many occasions. Depending on the cut, it will also be perfect for going out to work and in the evening version. What make up for a burgundy dress will perfectly compliment the outfit?

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